Lace Diamond Cowl

As part of Marly Bird’s awesome advent calendar – 24 quickies 2022 – I am sharing Lace diamond cowl with you, a brand-new cowl design with you for that special skein of hand dyed yarn in your stash.

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Going with the theme of quick knits, Lace diamond cowl is a garter stitch cowl with a simple lace pattern. And simple lace really means simple lace – is it made up of k2tog decreases and yarnover increases with no changing stitch counts from row to row, and the wrong side rows are all knit across, except for the first and last 3 stitches. These edge stitches are slipped with yarn in front on the wrong side rows, making integrated i-cord edges. That means no worrying about untidy selvedge stitches messing up the look of the final cowl.

I don’t know about you, but my life is too short to knit garter stitch in the round (or maybe I have just not found the pattern that can convince me it is worth while), so this cowl is knit flat and grafted together. And for good measure I threw in a twist, so it looks like a moebius – an item with only one edge continuing around the entire object, but we ‘cheated’ creating it, so it is not a real moebius and has to be content being a fauxbius (a false moebius).

No editing or filters - just beautiful winter light on amazing yarn!
No editing or filters – just beautiful winter light on amazing yarn!

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